Inner World Tour | Downloads from the Muse

Inner World Tour | Downloads from the Muse

Today I danced the Crown Chakra.  The one that connects you with Universal Spirit, god, goddess,  Buddah…or simply a higher power.


I can’t claim to have ever reached Enlightenment.  It feels more like being in the dark and having a light shining somewhere in distance which I can see and I am moving towards but I certainly am not basking in its glow yet.  But some days especially when I dance…in that dark I get a whispering in my ear of the Muse.

Today I got three whispers.

  1. Excess weight hides the angel inside.  Sometimes this is intentional.  Sometimes it is necessary.  Sometimes it is due to fear.  Sometimes it is an artifact.  Sometimes it is no longer necessary but like a junk drawer that is just forgotten about it is left as just clutter in rush of the day to day.  Sometimes it is just habits formed when the weight was necessary and new habits have yet to replace them.    Then I began thinking about my spirit and I mentally peeled back my skin to reveal what my spirit would look like if it were in a luminous golden human form.   It was powerful and beautiful like an Amazon warrior just with two boobs.  Like a golden Gabrielle Reece but with my face only glowing from the inside.  This was what came out in the drawing.
  2. The next download was directions on how to build my studio/ deck extension.   All the way down to how to create the tarp sides
  3. The final was directions for a book I am to create to help the lay person understand the Chakras.

I began to chastise myself for “not doing it right”  For not being right up in the spiritual heights and staying focused on the music.  Then I stopped that voice and just let my mind stay open to the muse.   I think that was the right way to go.   Now I have three new insights to show for it.  Silly critical mind.   Why you so grumpy?  It is all good babe.   There is no deadline for enlightenment.  I am exactly where I should be as open minded as I should be at this moment in time.  As tapped in to the spiritual realms as I should be right now.  There is no need to rush…the only important thing is to sit back and enjoy the ride in the moment we are in it.