Inner World Tour | The Manifesting Tube

Inner World Tour | The Manifesting Tube

I went to my dear friend Stephanie Lightsmith’s house yesterday and we had such a beautiful afternoon.  Our conversations was as varied as can be but the one thing that really stuck with me was a conversation we were having about Vampires.  Not the bloodsucking kind but more the energy sucking kind of people.  The judgy ones who take but don’t contribute to the positive energy of the world.   I was saying that I often shy away from going to “Hippy/Woowoo” events because despite the beautiful energy of many of the people and things that I want to learn I often feel energetically completely slimed by some of the other attendees.  I wasn’t sure that my “shields” were as strong as I would like them to be in the world.  Because of this my response was to turtle in many cases in my life where I really wanted to be prancing around having magical unicorn style adventures.

She showed me something called the I AM shield.  It related to manifesting and she explained it briefly but what I took away was the shield itself.

The white light protects you from creeps and Vampires, the purple interior light protects others from your own shit that you are still processing.   I liked that!  ALOT.

So when I started dancing the base today before I even started I imagined my “manifestation tube”  White light to protect me, purple filter to protect others and I danced inside it.  I could physically feel the energy dropping down and focusing on me like a magnifying glass just without the burney bit.  And I could feel pulsing up from the ground the energy of mother earth.  What came out was a feeling of shedding of that which was either toxic or just no longer useful to me and a dripping of it down to the earth where it just simply acted as brilliant liquid fertilizer.  Beautiful abundant plants grew where it dropped fed by the energy below and pulled into the light shining from above.

Oh yeah and the dragon.  Now there is nothing that I cringe at more than cheesy dragon posters in crystal shops.  Don’t know they are a bit like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I rate them right up there with velvet paintings of Elvis.   Just so not my thing.


But somehow dragons are sacred to me.  Like real ones.  Ancient wise things.  Omniscient, observing, quiet power.  They keep coming to me in these dances.   They feel like home.

I know it sounds farking redunculous but hey…this is a creative adventure right?  Who says a dragon can’t be my Muse? Only a vampire wouldn’t like that idea?  Fark the Vampires and anyone who wants to limit my imagination including myself.   I had a farking huge purple dragon circling around my bullet proof manifestation tube and I am not afraid to admit it…  Okay now reading that sentence just had part of me smacking my shaking head.   But it is just the part of me that still craves the acceptance of “normality”.  Well normal got me into boring frustrating ruts.  Maybe purple dragons and manifestation tubes will get me playful abundant adventures instead.   I’m down with that.