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Creative Intelligence Mentor.

I'm a somatic trauma therapist and multi award winning community arts creative. I help neurodiverse + neurotypical people and organizations to workthrough their stuff so that they can start and complete important creative work.

Mandi Lynn

You have a gift in you that the planet needs.

When free of blocks and in your creative flow, your body acts like a receiver that can convert whiffs of ideas into material reality.


Undigested trauma can block your gifts

Our modern culture unfortunately is capable of disconnecting our mind, body, and spirit by dealing out traumas that can block our gifts.

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Trauma could be impacting your creative flow in 7 main ways. Scroll to find out where you may have a trauma block keeping you from moving forward.


At the ideation level

When Ideation is working well you are forever curious and playful with what is possible. You are able to receive lots of input from diverse sources and can effectively choose the best one to action.

Trauma can push you to these extremes:

You limit your inputs and get rigid about the only way forward. New ideas are hard to come by.
You have too many ideas and struggle to settle on just one to move forward with.


At the problem solving level

When your creative mind is working well you are able to take your idea and easily break it down in to doable chunks.

When trauma is present, it can short circuit your problem solving capacity and you could manifest it he following ways.

-You have a perfectionistic critical voice in your head that kills your ideas before they have a chance to grow
-You rabbit hole and spend so much time researching or spinning your wheels that you never take action.


At the communication level

When you are communicating effectively and authentically you are magnetic and people are drawn to hear what you have to say.
Trauma can push you towards extremes of dysfunctional communication.
You choke on your words and struggle to really speak your truth.
You can't stop talking, over talk, or talk to fill space and people start to tune you out.


At the heart level

You may get stuck in one of these extremes -

You struggle to work in a team or trust others.
You give away all of your energy to others and don't have any left for your own creative work.


At the Gut level

This layer is about your ability to hold space for the hard parts of creative work.
Traumas at this level of swing from these two extremes -
You are so focused on the goal that your style can become "controlling" and the work space lacks joy and curiosity.
When things get hard you tend to give up easily and have lots of reasons why you aren't finishing what you start.


At the Emotional Intelligence level

This layer is about your ability to stay mindfully present and conscious of the impact of your work and idea on yourself and others.
Traumas at this level of swing from these two extremes -
-You freeze and dissociate (check out) of the situation.
-You take immediate action but it is reactive and can be of the fight or flight variety.
Often addictive behaviours present at this level.


At the Manifestation level

Here is where you bring your vision to life. You have worked through the other steps and now have a fully realized offering , and you have the courage to ship it and gift it to the world.

How Trauma shows up here:
You make stuff but you aren't putting it out into the world and are hoarding it for yourself.
You get things 7/8th of the way done but don't get them across the line.

3 ways

Three ways to work with me

If you saw yourself in any of these areas I can help. Here are three possible ways that you can get support from me.

Creative Coaching

I help you troubleshoot your soulful projects from start to finish.

Somatic Trauma Therapy

A gentle guided process to support you to uncover trauma blocks and heal them.

Our Charitable Trust

We work with youth to build Creative Intelligence and help trauma from spreading to the next generation.

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Good news.   It's fixable.

By doing the work to work through our stuff two things happen.

#1 The next generation doesn't become responsible for digesting our undigested trauma.

#2 Our creativity starts to flow and we are able to bring our gifts fully to the world.  This means that we become more relevant in the rapidly changing future.   Undigested trauma is costly on so many levels.

How I can help you