Creative Executive CoachingCreative exploration of the impacts of trauma on the people who always have to be the boss

are your team giving you clues?


What will we do together?

We use a tool I developed over 30 years of working with teams to identify where your personal blocks to your best work are showing up in your behaviours and in your holistic health.  Once we know where the blocks are then we learn the tools to overcome them and get the most from your team and your personal life.

Before you read any further:

Are you willing to accept radical responsibility for the outcome of your team?

I only have at best another 35 years on the planet so I will only spend that time working with people who are willing to accept that the outcome of their team rests solidly on their excuses.  You must be willing to be honest with yourself and willing to learn the steps of becoming self compassionate so that you can fill your own cup instead of trying to pour from an empty one.



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My Style of Coaching

I'm a prior US Naval nurse corps officer.  Imagine Florence Nightengale had a baby with Kali and that is pretty much how I roll as a coach.  I will give you heaps of space and aroha (love) but I am not afraid to call you out if I see you playing smaller than you should.  Tough useful pragmatic love.  I consider myself a radical pragmatist and am constantly searching for what will give you the greastest edge in bringing your gifts to the planet.


Imagine you have a hedge that is blocking your view.  You have two ways of dealing with it.

One is you get out your little hedge clippers out and you clip it into a less wild shape.  But then a month goes by and you need to do it again. (this is traditional talk based coaching)


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Or you can acknowledge that the hedge is probably in the wrong spot and you can dig it out at the roots.

My main tools to unburden you from your blocks:

Somatics: I teach you how to use your body as a tool to identify the snags and then develop the emotional ninja skills to release them.  We also learn how to tune into the body so that you can use it as you most knowledgeable sherpa to get you your best outcomes.

Creativity: We use the creative process as a diagnostic tool to uncover where the blocks are showing up for you.



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Manifesting your dreams

Our framework is ultimately about energy flow from your idea to the manifested reality of it on the planet.  Trauma blocks either freeze or disperse energy and neither is good for your ability to manifest your dreams.  So we map out where the blocks live and we reanchor you back into your creative flow.

If you would like to have a strategy session to see how this could work for you please reach out.



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