Inner World Tour | The Universe in an Eye

Inner World Tour | The Universe in an Eye

| Daily Morning Adventures through the Chakras |

Not sure if I have told the story of my most memorable prophetic dream.


It was probably 2009.  In the dream I was locked in a underground room with corridors.  There were small windows lining the top of the rooms like the ones you would see in a NYC basement apartment.  There was a plant desperately trying to reach the light and there was me. I walked down a hallway into a room and looked up and in the window was a huge closed eye.  I remember shuttering and wondering what the hell would happen if it opened.  And just in that moment it did.   I was scared as it was looking right at me.  But then it was replaced by a hand offering to get me out of the room.  I was scared but I took it.   It pulled me up the waiting arms of a bunch of women who were taking me to safety.  I thanked them but decided I didn’t want to be cloistered anymore I wanted to see the world and I went and lived in a glass house overlooking the sea and the world instead.  About a month later after having that dream I started my photography business and started making art and the year after I quit my day job and started doing it full time.

Today I Chakradanced the dance of the third eye and I remembered that dream.  And for the first time I clearly saw the eye in a “waking” state.  It had universes within its indigo colour.  Beautiful.  It was my eye but also everyone in the worlds and on otherworld’s as well.   And no I don’t do drugs before dancing…or at all for that matter.  🙂  It is just a place I have learned to go when the dancing starts.  I even wear a blind fold so that I don’t get distracted by anything and can go quite deep into my body and my inner world.   I dance so that I can release things that no longer serve me and see things that already exist within me but that I want to bring out.

The dance today started with some incredibly deep stretching where I was spontaneously following the needs of my body to stretch not in a structured way but in a follow the tension to the source sort of way.

I have noticed that in the past five days my back has gotten so much better.  ON a scale of 1-10 with 10 being laid up in bed unable to move with back pain and stiffness I was probably about a 6.  Most mornings it was a struggle to bend comfortably enough to put on my undies.  Today I would say I am about a 4. The tightness and tension is easing!  Whoo freaking whoo.

I wasn’t really connecting in the middle of the dance and started to give myself shit for it.  “What sort of an artist can’t see images when she wants to in her head…you might not be that good.   What if you are a shit artist…with no real talent?  Why are you thinking about painting now…aren’t you a bit old…It probably will lead no where.”  Wow that shit still can bubble up still.

So I stepped back mentally  and just observed myself being all judgy and eased off.  Threw in some counter thoughts like…wow that sounds like the voice of resistance.  which means that is the direction I should head first.   Maybe I should just stick a paint brush in my hand and see what happens.  Even if I only did it for 10 minutes a day.  Certainly wouldn’t hurt.

That is when I could see it.  Suddenly my mind jumped to an image of a monk spinning a prayer wheel and I could see the chakras spinning as prayer wheels inside us being moved by the opposing currents of the earths energy and the celestial energy one coming down and one going up. Getting those wheels moving in a flying spin.

So that is where I played for the rest of the dance.  I worked on how the currents would move up and down the body.  That is what I drew in my Mandala at the end.