Inner World Tour | The voice of the body

Inner World Tour | The voice of the body

Today I got up and “Hummed”IMG_9003[1]

I had reached the throat chakra and the dance involved repeating the word “Hum”.

I rocked out on it.  Strange.  If I had imagined myself doing this two years ago I would have laughed at the thought of it. But nope I was right into what a masseuse friend of mine called Toning (she encouraged me to tone while she massaged my body.  I felt completely comfortable with her and so I did.  Apparently my body had a lot to say.)

As I danced today I found that my natural tone is low…like a cello. Which is probably why I really hated when I was told my fingers were too small for the cello and I would have to play the violin.  I lasted half a year quit and then when I grew a bit more I picked up the cello and played it for years..getting lost in the beautiful deep tones…I could play scales for hours just to hear that vibration. ..but I digress…back to the dance.

My body was vibrating with this tone, this resonance.  It was such a vibration I could feel it in my skull and it reminded me of the fact that when I was a kid I would “tone” all of the time in the swimming pool.    Mouth closed, making a nga sound, blowing bubbles out of my nose, floating in the warm water lost in my own world.  It felt like that again.

Except this time there was a strong resonance in my hands as well, the tingly gingeraley extra energy feeling I get when I am doing therapeutic touch, but this just flowed and bubbled up.   I learned therapeutic touch when I was a nurse.  It was my first foray into the idea of energy healing.  I thought it was a load of huey except for the fact that I could actually feel “ginger ale” in my hands when there was an energy block and if I welled up the energy in my hands and pressed them together but not touching I could create a ball of energy.   Something I could feel which really messed with my  suspicious, pragmatic, slightly scientifically dogmatic mind at the time.  Since then I have expanded the boundaries of what I am open to and gingerally hands makes perfect sense on a quantum energy level.

So today I resonated…cool.  A good way to start the year.   Now if we can pull in harmonics we can create some earth shaking stuff :).