Hi I'm Mandi Lynn.

Mandi Lynn
I am a master photographer but what I really am is a Mojo Midwife.

Essentially, I help women shine.  I am a body positive cheerleader who helps women of all shapes and sizes and ages to  learn to embrace and  treat their body as their best friend.

Midwife in its root means "with woman"  Seven years ago I stepped out of the maternity ward and into my art... I am with women when they break through years of culturally indoctrinated self abuse and finally let their inner beauty shine.

Some women are right there on the surface just waiting for the next breath to burst through.

Some are so deeply layered that we have progress instead of propulsion.  All are perfect.  All are seen.



My Tool Box to start a Mojolution

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Mandi Lynn - Art shoot

My Camera

For 15 years I used to help women become mothers...for the past 8 have focused on nothing but learning the best way to help a woman become her deeper self. I teach you how to honour your unique gifts, get over some of your blocks, and let your inner beauty come to the surface to be seen. My camera is my primary tool used to crack the shell of self doubt and let your brilliance out.


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Mandi Lynn Makeup

Makeup Brushes and Hair Tools.

I do hair and makeup. I have had my work featured in movies and it has won international awards but that is honestly not important. When I do hair and makeup on you I get to know you both personally and energetically. I learn your micro expressions. I get to really see you. So your inner beauty can be teased to the surface and shine.


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Mandi Lynn - Artwork

My Art

I make visual stories to help us understand universal truths about ourselves. The goal with my art is to lead you on an adventure into yourself where you come out of it wiser than when you went in...maybe not straight away but one of the images will haunt you in a good way until you discover that key within you that unlocks it.


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Mandi Lynn - Courses

The Courses - The Mojo Dojo

I teach body positive courses that help the following people: Mothers who have daughters, Teens and tweens stepping into a world and need support to do it with their self esteem intact, Women who are tired of not liking what they see when they are photographed, artists in hiding.


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Mandi Lynn River

My Own Inner World Tour

For the past couple of years I have been blogging about my adventures of becoming embodied. I spent most of my life as a floating head, in my art, in my work, but forgetting about my body. I have come back to myself and am now my bodies best friend. This is my story...


Some of my conundrums, ironic bits, and eccentricities

I am spiritual but not religious

I believe in a force of love and I honour it in every religion I find it.   Everything I do is to try and create more of it in the world.  I was raised a good Catholic girl in the deep south of America but you could often find me reading Taoist and Buddist texts even before I hit my teens.  Now I live in New Zealand and find a good deal of my artistic insight through studying my own chakras.  If it is upbeat...has love as its root then I will probably embrace it.  However I also have a very strong BS filter and make most decisions from my gut...which has never steered me wrong when I have listened to it.

I am a feminine feminist.

If a Sweet Southern Belle had a baby with an Amazon Warrior that would be my personality. So basically no one puts baby in a corner in my presence, Sugar nuts.  I have been oppressed in the past.  That doesn't happen any longer.  I teach people how to do the same for themselves now...even if the oppression is internal instead of external.

Ex- Military Hippy Farmer

I spent 10 years in the US. Navy as both an enlisted person and an officer...Then I became a hippy organic farming artist.

I have a love/ hate relationship with photoshop

I abhor how people use photoshop and for what it is doing to our girls and women's self image and at the same time I am a master of it and it is one of my primary art tools to create my allegorical art.  I like to think I am using its powers for good.

I like people as they are and dolled up

I like people exactly as they are and at the same time I love to dress them up and do their makeup and showcase their inner beauty.   I have studio full of dress ups for women. Tutu's tulle, silk, chiffon, kimonos, kaftans, furs, parasols, avante garde to shabby chic that I have collected over the years.   I love it when little gasps happen and eyes widen when women walk in.   It is a girl paradise and I LOVE IT.

Nothing makes me happier than a woman who had admitted to hating parts of herself turns to me after our session and gushes the words, "I feels SO PRETTY!!!!"  Those are the best days in the world.

I have pet possum because I couldn't look in the little orphan's eye and not instantly want to shove her down my top.  In fact, as I am writing this, that is exactly where her now overgrown body is sleeping.  Luckily each of my boobs is larger than my head so she still fits.


Get to know me better


Meet Craig

This is my business manager, my life partner, my other half of crazy.  He makes me laugh, keeps me grounded, and shares my life adventures.  He does the stuff I suck at and makes stuff work.  Where I am the one in the spotlight often he is the one who deserves to take equally deep credit.   He is an eternal blessing even when he is driving me batshit.  We work together, live together, and play together...Most of the time it works well.

I have one son of my own and two bonus kids that I got courtesy of Craig.  They are 16, 18, and 19.  They grew up to fast and so now my menagerie is growing to compensate.

As of this writing it consists of 2 Angora bunnies that make your head explode they are so cute and fluffy.  Two orphan brushtail possums.  A bipolar cat.  And probably some silky chickens that look a bit like Rod Stewart in the near future.


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