When your body says…"NO MORE!!!!"

When your body says…"NO MORE!!!!"

A few weeks ago I went and made some beautiful cheese with Paul from C’est Cheese.  It was for a shoot I was doing for Life and Leisure Magazine and I learned so much about the process.  My mouth was watering to taste it but as is often the case with good things…one needs to wait.

C'est Cheese
C’est Cheese

I have been focused on my health and I thought learning to make my own organic cheese would be a brilliant way to combine several loves.  Num num nums. One of the assumptions I had always had about my health was that I couldn’t live without cheese…could have something to do with the queso-morphine it produces literally makes you feel slightly high.

With the luscious health adventure that I am on, I am attempting to experiment my way towards the best level of health for me.  I am challenging assumptions that I have always had and trying new things.  So that leads us to my youngest son coming home last week and announcing he was going to be a vegetarian because he liked animals a bit too much.  I felt a bit like this mum:



I looked at all of the meat we had just bought in the fridge and thought…right well next week I suppose I could always try to test two assumptions and drop both meat and dairy from my diet for a week.  Just an experiment…I lasted about three days.   The meat seemed easy…It was the freaking cream and cheese part.  Here is where I stumbled… I was off to see my homeopath about an allergic reaction to a scarf I had worn.  Her office is by one of my favourite restaurants and the cheese shop in Featherston and I was hungry as a bear so I decided to go in and get some lunch.  There was nothing vegan on the menu at all so I decided to have the creamy spinach and mushroom soup with gluten free bread.  Then I went to the cheese shop said hello and since I was already off the dairy for the day I ate two samples from the counter and started driving back over the hill towards home.

My face started feeling quite flushed on the road and started itching like crazy.  By the time I got home I looked something like this…

Dairy-reactionHad several sleepless nights itching and without it resolving.  Went to see my doc yesterday and he confirmed it…it is probably a dairy allergy.  Today no cheese or cream and it is starting to get better.

I had spoken to my body last September and came to an agreement.  I resolved to take care of it as best I could and it would take care of me.  I placed an order for 40 more years of fun.   So I think what happened is my body was so used to being pummeled with dairy proteins that when I stopped eating it and it started to feel better when I put some back in out of force of habit and mental stubbornness my body simply had an argument with me about the wisdom of that course of action.  My body won.

I put it out to the universe that I wanted Luscious Health.  Aparently it is trying to show me how I was just too busy trying to do it my way…silly human.