The reason behind my personal Mojolution

The reason behind my personal Mojolution

So my path to health and wellness is not exactly a straight one.

Nope. I am ducking and dodging my way there.

Straight lines are for people who base their life on logic. It is so much more fun to zig zag my way there apparently.

So here is the straight shizza. I am 42.  I weigh, last time I checked (need to get a new battery for the scale), 117kg or 257lbs.  Now this is a triumph for me because for several years I sat at 127kgs.   Last September I came back from Thailand sick as a dog, in pain and with one very clear understanding.  I needed to focus on my health if I wanted to have 40 more years at least of fun on this earth.    So I went on a quest to find experts around the world that I could interview and listen to and try to wrap my mind around this massive disconnect I seem to have with my body.

I am a floating head.

I forget sometimes that there is a body holding up my mind or when I used to remember I would give my body shit for not being perfect or for having pain.  This just wasn’t fair.  My body didn’t get it into the state it was in…my mind did.  Force feeding it crap, then starving it, then militarily exercising it to injury and then talking trash about it. Nope there must be a better way.  So that is what I am doing.  I am searching not for another diet or exercise routine but for the most effective way for me to unlearn the cultural crap and mental blocks that have kept me from working in loving partnership with my body.

This is a love story…between my mind, my body, and my spirit.  I am going to be as honest as I feel I can in this blog because I see women each day in my work struggling with similar cultural issues that keep them at war with their body.  I am going to report the results of my experiments in dialog with my body in a way that heals it instead of hurts it.  I can’t promise I will write every day.  But I will keep the one or two people this might interest up to date with my movements.  Please note that I am an artist at heart which means I tend to work in big bursts and then go into a fallow period so as much as I would love to be consistent I will not put that expectation out there for my writing.

So this is the journal of my personal Mojolution.  For me the one thing that has hampered my Mojo has been my relationship with my emotions and my learned response to try and dull them with food.  For me to have a Mojolution I have to go there and understand it and heal it.  This is my journey.  Welcome to the lovefest because the war is over.