The Dystopian Casting Couch of no Jab no Job and the 4 brain response

The Dystopian Casting Couch of no Jab no Job and the 4 brain response

Warning…been thinking again.  Will probably be a long post. 

After returning from Great Barrier Island,  I feel like a happy healthy revitalized frog who has been suddenly been dropped into a caldron of half-boiled frogs. 

Stressed, anxious, angry, fearful, silenced, confused nervous frogs.    I started tuning into the narratives being played on the news and the airwaves and I felt Iike one of those people in movies who was in a coma during a major historical change or world meltdown and then wakes up and her whole world has changed.  This is a bit how I have felt.  Like a creepy mild version of when Sheriff RIck wakes up in The Walking Dead.

I walk into a grocery and hear a calm female voice chime in the latest C19 message over the PA.  Signs that say all staff are V’ed. 

It is creepy and feels like the beginning of every single apocalypse movie I have ever watched. 

But then coming back to real life the most concerning part for me has been the complete silencing of dialogue around the efficacy of the government’s tact on C19.   If they are or right or wrong…that doesn’t concern me as much as the draconian measure they are taking to silence any debate.  The threatening of doctors with their license if they don’t toe the party line.  The no jab no job policy?  Is this really happening?  Where did our New Zealand civil liberties go while I was digging for cockles?

I spent 10 years in the US Military between the two gulf wars, aged 19-29.  Propaganda was my second language.  This feels like psyops 101.  And it is creeping me the heck out.   Turn neighbours against each other? Divide and conquer?  Only one narrative allowed?  Where is freedom of choice?  Freedom of speech?  

Look, I want to know facts, and I don’t hear any facts about early treatment. All I am hearing is about a V that is showing diminishing returns and that was designed to treat the original version certainly not Delta Plus.  The poo-pooing of natural immunity from those who have had the virus (as a nurse this seems absolutely nuts).  Anyone who wants to question the government’s response is being tarred and feathered as an antiV wack job.

There are very few things more toxic to your long term immune function than unexpressed anger, or unbridled fear.  And there are very few things more supportive to immune function than connection, compassion, and collaboration. (If you want to read about the neurobiology of this have a read of Gabor Mate’s “When the Body says No” book. )  So why is the government engineering an “us against them” peer pressure and bullying campaign on a national level?

Are we doing any clinical trials in NZ that test early treatment protocols with those that have been V’ed and those that have chosen not to? And if not why not?

The Modern Tohunga Suppression Act?

I’m deeply personally concerned because one of the major side effects being reported on MedSafe in NZ is Gillam Barree which is what paralysed and made my partner disabled at 17.  Research shows COVID doesn’t increase the risk of a flare-up…but the V does. Shit.  Does that mean that if Craig gets the V we are increasing the likelihood of him going through a relapse?  He spent two years paralysed and now is permanently disabled.. what are our choices?  9 reported cases of Gillam Barree in NZ alone have been reported after V administration.  So we do what we can and begin looking for alternative treatments while at the same time watching his right to be allowed in public shrink around him.  We do what we can to boost his immune system.  We look at what doctors in other countries are doing to successfully boost immune responses and are finding that that treatment is banned in NZ.  WTF?   Hun?  It feels like the Tohunga Suppression Act has been invisibly rewritten by the drug companies.

That act as I understand it, and please correct me if I am wrong prevented the use of anything other than western medicine back in the day. And resulted in the almost destruction of Maori wellbeing practices. This feels similar in some way. No curiosity about early treatment possibilities and the removal of choice.

So he wrote to the NZ Human Rights Commission with concerns and they referred him to this generic page on their website which said, “So, if you are not yet vaccinated, please go for it, demonstrating that you take seriously your rights, your relationships and your responsibilities.” Hunh?  

Then after posting this blog on my FB page my friend Jeff sent me this press release to a study that was done in Australia that looked at the effectiveness of Ivermectin treatment of COVID.  It appears to have been done in the equivalent of our MIQ facilities.   Here is what it said…”A total of 600 patients with positive PCR tests were treated with the ten-day course of
“Ivermectin Triple Therapy” (ITT), which was fully completed in over 90% of those treated.
None discontinued therapy as a result of drug side effects. Two visited the hospital for less
than 24 hours following a transient arrhythmia and then went home, while five were
admitted to hospital (0.83%). There were no deaths. In an equivalent control group of 600,
not treated with triple therapy, 70 were admitted to hospital (11.5%), with 6 deaths (1%).
Chi-squared analysis of hospitalisation rate shows a significant decrease (P<0.001) in the
presence of ivermectin triple therapy intervention. The control data was from contemporary
infected subjects in Australia obtained from published Covid Tracking Data.”  But from what I can see treatment with Ivermectin is seen as witch doctor horse pill laughable medicine in NZ… When are we going to hear robust discussions around this as a treatment option? TrialSite-media-release-19.10.2021


   V or no….we have some serious human rights issues turning up the heat on the water that we are all in.   And we have zero outlets to collectively discuss it.  Comments are deleted on the prime minister’s Facebook if they don’t toe the party line.   Have you seen anything on Stuff that doesn’t completely fall in lockstep with the government’s plans? (for the record they received the following in C-19 relief $2.37 million, almost equal to rival media company NZME, which got $2.19m.)  Warnings go up on any FB posts that present a counter-narrative.  Have you noticed me using the word V?  I am concerned that this will be taken down…which it possibly will.  From my own Facebook page.  How creepy is that in itself?  


The Dystopian Casting Couch

Honestly, something in this feels like a public viewing of a personal violation.  Take this jab or lose your job.  Feels like a weird public dystopian #MeToo experiment.  When you consider that ⅓ of females have had their bodily boundaries violated by the time they have reached 16…many of them end up in the helping professions as a follow on to trauma coping mechanisms (I did mention I was a nurse right? Feel free to read between the lines.)  Now we are telling this same group of trauma victims that they will again have their boundaries violated or risk losing their jobs?  WTF?  Is this a sick government-mandated casting couch sort of thing being played out in our nursing stations and staff rooms around the country?  There is zero trauma awareness around this that I can see.

The magical Proof

Many teachers and health care workers are of childbearing years.  As a nurse who worked for 15 years in Maternal Child Health I am really nervous about pregnant women taking a drug that doesn’t have years of safety proof.  Where are the randomized controlled trials? You need at least three years of studies to assess for any unexpected long term effects.  That hasn’t happened.  There is no way in hell I would give a drug to a pregnant woman that wasn’t fully researched that I could give her informed consent about.  I would have lost my licence.  So what is the vaporous dictate that “it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?”  How could they possibly know that?  We have not had the time for a clinical trial to be completed?  – Addendum – After writing this one of my friends sent me a disturbing post about the number of unVed pregnant women on ventilator in the UK.  This is terrifying I get it completely.  But my question is this…if we are testing V’s on pregnant women should we not also be testing early treatment options on those that have chosen not to be vaccinated and then comparing the outcomes?  Is this happening?  I don’t know and I would love more information if anyone has any.    As I understand it in NZ the only option available to pregnant women is the vaccine.  Choice has been removed.  This is the guts of my concern. 

My Four Brain Response to Global Confusion

All I want is an honest and open discussion about what is happening.  I have never been good at doing what I am told without a good reason.  I want to explore it and I also check in with my 4 brains.  My head (what can we know about the situation…who has the clearest data from the trenches.)  My heart (how can I stay compassionate in this situation to everyone’s rights and views.) My gut (what is my gut saying?..mostly that something is fishy AF) My grounding (How do I best support the gift that is my body in this moment in time). 


We are being told to only listen to one brain and we are only being told part of the story so that brain isn’t operating with all of the facts.  All I can say is do your best to tune into all of your brains and hear what you can hear. 

What is your heart saying about how you are treating those in who have made a decision that is different from yours?  Is that really a “kind” response?  Are you holding space for all people and their freedom to make informed decisions for their own bodies?  When we attack others it can impact our own immune response,  when we nurture and are nurtured in response we raise our immunity. 


What is your gut really saying?  When was the last time you listened to it?  Seriously drop your mind down into your gut right now and ask how it feels about all of this?  Is there more that you should know?  What is your next right step?  Immune function wise is there anything you are currently stress eating that could be causing inflammation?  


Your Grounding sense.  Feet on the ground,  How safe do you feel?  How well are you taking care of your own immune system?  What can you do to support that?  If our emotional health is part of our immune system how is dividing the population supporting our overall health?  Do you feel better when you are critical and judging or loving and supportive?  Is there anything you could do to boost your connection with others and yourself in this time?  Because that would increase your immune function.   And by so doing increase our collective immunity.    

Monologue vs Robust debates

When you have a complex problem you need diverse robust debate and research to solve the problem.  But that isn’t happening here.  What we are seeing instead is the first solution presented picked from the ether (the magic pill) and then all other attempts to research holistic methods were suppressed.   Dialogue that opposes the chosen method is shut down.  The media appears to have been gagged.  Doctors are gagged.  How the hell are we supposed to make informed decisions if the other avenues are being stamped out before they can be investigated?

When you only listen to one of our four brains you are missing the big picture.    And if that one brain is being purposely addled with misinformation then you have the option of tuning into a deeper understanding of the picture by tapping into those other three.  They may be rusty from lack of use or from years of being silenced.  ( I get it…I had stomach issues develop from refusing to listen to my gut for a long time)  But you can learn to listen to them again and maybe…maybe that can be the silver lining in this cloudscape of poopage.

My personal response

So after checking in with my own four brains here is what is going on with me.  I’m going to help my immune system by publicly admitting that I am angry and not keen to keep my mouth shut any longer.   I’m angry at being treated like a toddler who is not to question mummy’s decisions when it impacts collective sovereignty and freedoms.  I’m angry that nurses, midwives, and teachers who have given their entire professional lives in service of this country are being forced to get a V or lose their job no questions asked when early treatment options don’t seem to be being explored?    I am just another plebe who is being kept in the dark.  I’m muddling through it just like the rest of you and I think I would be much happier if I just knew that NZ was doing their own trials into early treatment options and if they are and if you know about it please let me know.  Because I’m genuinely worried for Craig if he gets it and for anyone else who has either chosen or who has been put into a situation that prohibits the use of the vaccine, or who had a life-threatening reaction to the first dose and cant continue with being vaccinated. 


My friend had a serious allergic reaction and was admitted to the doctor’s surgery when I went to visit her in Rotorua.  Nobody asked her if she had recently been jabbed.  They didn’t want to know.  They did make me sign my life away because I had recently arrived from Auckland.  But they didn’t ask her.  It was weird because I had a negative C-19 test and no symptomology but here she was with shortness of breath, a pounding heart, and covered in hives.  And zero curiosity about possible links.   Was it related to the V?  Who knows but it wasn’t questioned…that is the point.  SO yes the spidey senses of my gut are having a serious dance at the moment.

 I honestly don’t give a stuff about your V status because it isn’t my job to collect data about its efficacy or side-effects.  I honestly just care about you and your well-being.  That includes your mental health in the middle of all of this weirdness.   So if you need to talk I promise I don’t care one whiff if you are or are not a holder of the jab.   

I will however ask that before we chat you take a moment to listen to this link.  It is the only time I have actually found a solid debate on the subject by doctors in the trenches who are actually letting us know what is happening on the ground.  Grassroots info from experts.  It is worth a listen.   

Now I imagine that this post of my honest expression of my concerns around human rights will possibly cause problems…it might be taken down.  I don’t know.  But the only thing I will say is that I am 100% open to hearing opposing views to my own because I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn’t but I would like to ask that you keep your comments compassionate.   Towards me and to anyone who might have a differing view to your own.  I promise to do the same in my responses. 

Sending you all so much love.  This sucks.  Listen to your 4 brains.  Stay curious. Love Mandi

And here is the link to the Australian Ivermectin Triple Therapy press release.  I do not believe it has had a chance to be peer reviewed but it has given me a ray of hope that Australia is leading in investigating this as an option in the Southern Hemisphere.


p.s. Someone sent me this link as well which really has me scratching my head.  If anyone has any further insight please let me know because this one has me thinking.

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