Inner World Tour | The Pirates of Progress

Inner World Tour | The Pirates of Progress

So my goal has been to develop a routine.   Fark that is a hell of a lot harder than it looks.  And I now understand why this has always been a challenge for me my whole life.

Ayruvedic medicine looks at people as being  of three doshas.  Kapha, Pitta, and Vata.

Vatas are creatives but spacey, routine is not possible really for a Vata they are all over the show and squirrel like crazy flitting from one thing to the next.

Kaphas are steady reliable organized sweet natured calm.

Pittas are high energy, fiery, focused, always, moving.

Personally I think I am Tridoshic and just flip flop as to which one is out of balance.  Right now I am pretty darn Vatic.

If you are curious as to where you fall on this scheme you can take a test about it here

So my morning routine was literally shanghaied by pirates.   Late night binge watching of Black Sails.  Oh my goodness I love this series.   Best thing ever!  Wouldn’t get to bed until 11 -1 pm.  Up between 8-9 then straight into work.  At the beginning  of this stretch I was very Vatic…all over the show but by the end of it I have settled into a nice Pitta style fiery and forced to meet deadlines and push into new territory.   I will be on a speaking Tour of LA and SF.

Finally reached the last episode and then swore off the late nights and for the past three days I have been back into it with the morning routines.  But this time I have decided to work slightly differently. Before the pirates I would have vadic mornings that were a bit all over the show  each day was different and not very focused but for the next several months I am going to dedicate the mornings to finishing my Block and Flow series and preparing for the Iris awards in June.

Here is my result from this morning.  It isn’t completed but it is about 90%…I think.

This is image represents the diminished first Chakra.  So I am starting at the beginning and working systematically through them…that in itself is a big shift and challenge.  So chakra one diminished is all about when we are ungrounded.  Completely disconnected from source and funnily enough when Vata is way out of Balance.  You behave exactly as I was for the last few weeks.  Scatterbrained slightly unfocused, shiny object syndrome, like a human dragonfly flitting from interesting thing to interesting thing but not resting long enough to let stuff sink in deeply.  So with this image I wanted to look at what happens when we are so tangled with technology that we loose our thread our connection to our purpose, our power, our safety, our security.

This was shot at Kingsize studio using the Scoropak which is my favourite toy  for high speed lighting and a Mola Setti.  The scoro is fantastic because it can deliver high speed flash and also gives you the option of timing flashes.  I experimented like crazy with this technique and loved how it enabled you to tell movement stories.    The Mola Setti  is my absolute favourite light modifier that I played with when I studied up there.  The light it throws just seems to wrap around the subjects in such a delicate way that I haven’t been able to create with any other softbox or modifier.  LOVE IT!  In fact, I loved it so much  I have just managed to order for my own studio – so excited about that I pick it up when I go to the states in a few weeks.   I am going back to see Dad and am doing a bit of a whistle stop lecture series called Zen and the Art of Becoming Photogenic.

The Ungrounded20160318sm

SO mornings working on the images from 5:30-9:30 then prepare for clients to arrive.   On the days I don’t have shoots I have been working on developing this course  which is really a Trojan horse for personal development.  It starts to unravel the toxic stories we tell ourselves about our bodies and helps to stimulate a healing journey for the class participant.  The end result is they look better in photographs and feel better about themselves.