Inner World Tour | Taking Flight

Inner World Tour | Taking Flight

So one of my objectives of coming here was to help dad with his bucket list.  I had this very Hollywood version of how the whole trip would go down.  I would swoop in and we would have the big Hallmark moment talk, 40 years of relationship challenges would be washed away instantly and then we could go on a huge adventure.  I would rent a car and we would just go play.


Yeah.  That didn’t happen.


Dads apartment  was one continuous tripping hazard…you couldn’t access the kitchen.  His pain and withdrawals well made him rightfully withdrawn.   He had had less than a week to come to terms with his diagnosis.   His mobility was limited and he had lots of new health care workers to meet and he rightfully wanted to be in charge of his care.

So…no Hollywood.  Except he gave me one bone to chew on.  Something I could do that could be potentially epic.  He was frustrated that he was to his knowledge the only Green Beret who had never been up in a helicopter.  He wanted me to spread his ashes from one but to me that seemed just silly.   I wanted to get him up in one before he could no longer so I put a call out to my friends on facebook and this is what happened.

Hippy / Pragmatic Humour of the day

After separating this box of collected meds for his various conditions into drawers in his bathroom,  I left this message on his refrigerator that he keeps in his bathroom…as you do.


Thought you might enjoy the humor as much as I did.


Here was a wee photo from the Huey