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Click Happy is a free online program to learn how to use the manual settings on your camera.  It is perfect for kids who are wanting to learn how to use their DSLR's properly or how to use the advanced settings on their cellphone.   This program was developed for the youth of New Zealand over the lockdown period and remains free for anyone in the world who would like to use the course to develop their camera skills.


This is also taught live and in-person at various schools throughout New Zealand who have allocated COGS funding to the program.

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Click Happy Plus

A youth wellness course buried in a conceptual/cinematic photography course for kids aged 10-18.

Kids learn photography skills while also learning to be happy in their own skin, creatively resilient, and able to make the world a better place through their art.

They build a supportive creative community and learn to give compassionate critiques of others work and use each other as inspiration for creating next level imagery.

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Creating Happy

A creative masterclass with Mandi Lynn where you learn to become a HeArtivist.  An artist who turns down the volume of the inner critic and rocks out to the volume of your muse.  You also learn to use your art to make the world a better place.  Pick any art medium / mediums you like to take the course with.  Drawing, Dancing, one legged stilt walking hoolahooping...doesn't matter.  It is for what ever brings you joy (and if you don't really know what brings you joy start by revisiting what you enjoyed doing when you were between 8-10 years old...this is when we didn't let the BS mess with us much and we were probably our most authentically true to ourselves. )

Creating Happy is a soulful journey that ultimately gets you out of your own way and helps you to be a more playful, free,  creative and self-compassionate human.

It begins with a free 5 day online Tiny Creative Habits challenge.

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#Everybodyisatreasure Project

18+ Photoshoot to challenge the world to see value in Everybody.

When a multi billion dollar industry profits from women's lack of confidence, a war on the female body is declared.   We see between 400-600 photoshopped images each day of the genetic 1-5% of women.   All teaching the 95% of women not represented that they are other...not normal...defective.  Horse puckey.  That just isn't true.  But each day in my studio I see it.  The mask of fear that her body is faulty wrong, not okay somehow.  The brainwashing is global, endemic and starts to show up in our girls from the age of 5.     I am for one am over it.  So I am doing something about it.  Something small but consistent.  And the I became a we.  I am leading a group of women called the Luscious Order of Golden Shield Maidens.  These women are changing the world one golden body at a time.