Inner World Tour | Choosing our View of the World

Inner World Tour | Choosing our View of the World

Last night Dad asked me to research Cancer fighting diets.  Which I did when the library opened and got a book called Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine.  So far I am completely absorbed.  It basically discusses the terrain of the body as being much more important for health than simple germ theory.  It talks about the fact that when you eat the typical western diet your blood pH changes and your blood clumps and these little parts of your blood start to mutate into bacteria, fungus and viruses and precancerous cells.  There is a recipe book attached and I am going to start making him food from it.   IMG_9802Basically it is live food vegan with no fungus inducing foods such as corn, or mushrooms, or alcohol and pretty much zero sugar.   I will be interested in what it can do for me as well.   No better time than the present because I am going to choose to not have a death like this.  Drowning in physical, mental, and corporal clutter.

I am not sure how much the food will help dad if he continues to consume the hate-filled media that he subscribes to and seeks out.    It will have to be a complete lifestyle overhaul.  Not sure if he will be willing.   However he quit the booze at the drop of a hat and told me he would choose healthy food over his favourites and wanted to fight it just not with chemo.   I am not holding my breath and I don’t want to pressure him but how amazing for his own happiness would it be to release all of that toxic load before he does go.

One thing I did realize was about manifestation.  Dad has manifested the most beautiful apartments…rent controlled…with this view:


However this is the view that he chooses by rarely leaving his bed.

IMG_9797 IMG_9796

My goal today is to carve a space in this section of the house which actually looks over the view above.   Set up a table and chairs because right now although he is perfectly capable he is taking all of his meals in bed lying on his side which is just not okay for choking risk first but with pancreatic cancer even worse.  You need to sit up and eat small meals throughout the day.


I have managed to get the kitchen from this IMG_9730

to this


So that there is at least a chance of getting to the stove and preparing healthy food.

So hopefully today I will get to work on the eating space.