Inner World Tour | Finding my Footing

Inner World Tour | Finding my Footing

This week is all about the Base Chakra.  This Chakra is all about your base, your security, your safety, your foundation, your roots, your history, your ancestors, the baggage that others have handed down to you to carry, your feet, ankles, knees, your legs, your sit bones.


The art exhibition I am creating is all about the archetypes of the chakras and what happens when there is excessive energy in one or diminished energy or balanced energy.

With the base chakra, when you are balanced in it, you are rooted.  You have a solid platform to launch out into the world.  You are stable.  People can count on you if you give your word.  You are strong, Your ankles, legs feet, and sacrum are strong and balanced, pain free.  It takes a hell of a lot to knock you off centre and you normally can do like a super ninja roll and come up standing balanced and full of energy when life throws you curve balls.


(I am still working on that particular skill).

Or you can have diminished energy in this chakra and be so far in your head or in your device that you have unplugged from your own physicality.  I call this state the floating head syndrome.  There is fark all understanding or acknowledgement of your body until it throws a right tanty and demands attention.   You are disorganized as can be and your follow through is shite.   You are kind of just all over the place because you don’t really have a sense of your own self because you have scattered your attention to the winds.   Rarely are you present in the moment more likely off obsessing about the past or worrying about the future.

Then there is excessive energy in this Chakra.  That is when you want things to help you feel more “grounded”.  This archetype is often overweight wanting to be physically held down to the ground. They are prone towards hoarding and wanting many materialistic things far more than they need.  Their life is cluttered and they fear change.  They also can be controlling as they are compensating for their lack of roots.

So today I worked on my roots.  I worked on finding stability on my feet through Yoga.  I am currently reading Chakra Yoga by  Alan Finger.    I was shocked at how wobbly I was.   Something as simple as standing in mountain pose with your balance perfectly centered is more difficult than I realized.   But my wonky ankle is in no pain when I do it.   So there is that.  The pain being a guide.  Funny how often that happens.