Vote for Creativity

Vote for Creativity

Easy win for you today – Simple Pay it forward Opportunity


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When I was a kid I was creative AF.

Probably drew on the womb.

We didn’t have money though.  I got a job to pay for my cello and cello lessons.  And my family loved me but they really wanted to know that I could feed myself so they encouraged me to “get a real job”

I did.  For 20ish years.  Until my soul dried up and I realized that I could not long go on without it.

So 10 years ago I started my photography business.  The desert sprung to life.

And 2 years ago we started our charitable trust all about body compassion…but that was really only because that was the final layer between me and my full creativity.  When I realized that the body was the greatest creative tool.  I started treating it like my best friend and my valued co creator, it was here that I cracked a very big code.

So our trust evolved as I did.  It became about two things.  Self-Compassion and Creative Resilience.

We started a program called the HeArtivists which is a holistic wellness and creativity mentorship program for young creatives.  One program runs in South Auckland.  One in Upper Hutt and there is one about to start in Taita and one in Newtown.  The areas of highest deprivation we can find.  Because that is often where talent pools are deep but no one is actively giving out funds for swimming lessons.

So we need help.  A very simple thing you can do.  Go to this website and vote for Every Body is a Treasure in the Community category and help us get some high-end photography gear for the kids to use.  (Project Blue and PhotoIwi look cool too for the other categories).

We will keep you up to date about what is going on with the kids and with other training opportunities as well.



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P.S. Just discovered this bit of awesomeness.  A rapper teaching mindfulness in the states…love it.