Mandi Lynn


I'm Mandi.


  • US Naval Officer
  • Organic Farmer
  • Women's Health Nurse


This website is where I house my personal work.  The work that bubbles up from the muse and I kind of just have to make it.   I make it for myself. and as a way of looking deeper at something that has caught my eye or tripped up my imagination.  I make it for the people of world as a way of begging us to see past the superficial and to get down to the real meaty raw good stuff of our soul.

I usually work as part of a collaboration.  Either between simply the model and myself but more often with a whole amazing crew of brilliant people.  I am blessed to live in Wellington, New Zealand where we make great films...which means the talent pool is so rich and deep, but we are like a small village, so it is easy for us to connect and rift and create cool stuff together.

Most of my work is Allegorical in nature.  Some comes from visions I get when I do a meditative dance called Chakradance.   Sometimes the ideas flow in the shower or on a walk.  Basically, I just make stuff that makes people stop and think a little deeper about things.  At least that is my goal.   To make something that challenges our often toxic wonky mindsets and says "Hey...Have you ever thought about it like this?"