Create by the Moon in 2017

create-by-the-moon-calendar-2017-europesmIt is like a 365 day project but instead you are guided on how to use the rhythm of the moon to create 13 new major pieces of well thought out and carefully edited work.

Untangle creative knots and avoid creative burnout at the same time with the built in rest periods.


Join the year long playful adventure and see if Creating by the Moon brings you to that next level of creativity.   + It is free to download the calendar, PDF, and Join the Facebook group.


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Why a Lunar Calendar?

  • Reconnects you to ancient work rhythms that integrates the need to rest and recover so you avoid creative burn out.
  • Helps you to block out time for your personal creative work so your day to day work doesn’t go stale.
  • Creates easy to monitor boundaries around projects.
  • Helps you to develop a creative habit so you make more cool stuff.
  • Gardeners swear by it for growing why not ideas?
  • Moon can become a celestial metronome for your creative life.
  • Because if you do it, by the end of the year you will have either 13 chapters to a book written, 13 pieces of music or art, 13 parts to an online course, 13 polished images for your portfolio, or 13 new bits of something that didn’t exist before and now because of you it does.
  • Why by the moon? Because solar planning is so last year 🙂