Inner World Tour

8 MOONs to a Balanced and Happy You

This is a playful adventure where you learn to develop your manifestation muscles and unblock your happy.   Your inner hippy is allowed to come out and play and bring a bit of fun and delight back into your life.   Your creativity will increase and your frustration will dissolve because you will learn new routes around the blocks that had been keeping you from your best work.

THis Course is for you any of the below apply…

  • You are at a  transition point in your life and need insight on what to do next.
  • You are a creative/ artist/ musician / entrepreneur and you are not feeling particular inspired
  • You feel like you are spinning your wheels, in a rut, and just can’t get ahead.
  • You want to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
  • You look in the mirror and aren’t thrilled with what you see.
  • You want more playfulness and adventure in your life.
  • You want a life more luscious.

These are the areas we will cover


full-moonMoon One –

Overall life assessment and grounding.  So we can figure out where you are starting and create a vision for where you would like to go.

Moon Two –base-moon

Base Chakra – Health, Wealth, Safety, Security, Environmental connection, Body Positivitity,   So that you can learn how to turn your body into to your best friend forever instead of a neglected or partially hated part of you.  You will also learn to create a self care rout

sacral-moonMoon Three-

Sacral Chakra – Emotions, Sensuality, Sexuality, Approaches to addressing  Anxiety, Depression, and Addictions

Moon Four –solar-plexus-moon

Solar Plexus Chakra- Personal Power, Courage, Developing Supportive Habits, Ability to accomplish and make things happen, ability to look after others as well as yourself,  How to establish and maintain personal boundaries, How to recharge your Energetic Batteries

heart-moonMoon Five –

Heart Chakra- Relationships, Emotional intimacy, friendships, universal compassion, Loving yourself, Finding a Loving Partner/Spouse

Moon Six –throat-moon

Throat Chakra – Ability to effectively communicate with others, How to be heard if you feel like no one listens to you

minds-eyeMoon Seven-

Minds Eye – Ability to envision a reality that does not yet exist, intuition, How to create a vibrant vision for your life, How to create positive change in your world.

Moon Eight –crown

Crown – Soul connection, thought processes, How to tap into loving open supportive ideas.




What is it gonna cost me?

This is a A Karma Course – ie. pay what it is worth to you.  Now how does that work? you are probably asking yourself.  Well you decide how much you are willing to invest in balancing yourself each month and pay that.  Your call.

To consider:

  • 80hours a month of work is put into creating the program.
  • The average person pays around $35.00 per month for the course.
  • After the course is run for the first time the cost of the course will be priced around $400.00.
  • You get monthly PDF’s, Videos, and Audio files.

If you begin and you find it isn’t for you just get in touch and we will cancel your payments for the following months.  There is no pressure, or risk…Just good Karma.

Also until the people of Standing Rock are successful in their David and Goliath fight against corporate ewww, 20% of the proceeds will go to support their efforts to protect our water for ours and future generations.  The money will be split evenly between supporting the Sacred Stones Camp at Standing Rock and Supporting the Legal Defense fund.  I will post the amount we together donate each month on the facebook page that is part of this program.

($35.00 per month is the average but go where ever per month feels right for you)

How a farmer/prior military/ Artist came to know about chakras.

In 2014 my art was blocked…not a great thing if you are an artist. My health was in a crap state. Emotionally I was pretty well spent. I wouldn’t call it rock bottom. More like a fizzle. A numbed out boring blahhh sort of space that was inspiring squat creatively.

So I went looking for a solution. What I had been doing up until that point hadn’t been working at all and I needed an injection of Wow! I was in that space of giving giving giving…but I hadn’t figured how to reach the source that was going to fill me up at the same time. Simply put. I needed my Mojo back and I needed to find access to my source of it.

My head turned…no… it whipped around

I was having a chat with a friend of mine who lives in Australia and she mentioned she was going to take a course to become a Chakradance instructor. My head turned. No it didn’t just turn, it whipped around. I didn’t even know what a chakra was. I didn’t care. My gut/intuition was slapping me about the face saying “babe, this is the way out!!!”. My critical mind was saying “Oh lord…this sounds like a bunch of Woo Woo crap”

I listened to my gut because listening to my critical mind had gotten me solidly into “Meh” I wanted FARK YES! So I looked for instructors in Wellington. None were available. So I decided to take a gamble and take the online instructor course instead.


Instead of diving straight into work in the mornings, in the privacy of my own studio with the curtains tightly, and I mean TIGHTLY drawn, I would fling myself around with my eyes closed looking like a cross between a water buffalo in heat and a drugged out hippy… but to be fair…I didn’t care. What was happening was beautiful no matter what it looked like on the outside. I was going on an inner world tour. I was checking back into my body. I was learning all about it and the aches and pains and emotions it housed. The beauty of its perfection in all of its imperfection. It was weird. But it was my way back to me.

I travelled up and down the chakras from the spiritual to the material and back again. And what I discovered surprised the heck out of me. It was as if I was plugged into a brand new rich land of visual imagery that I could use in my art…but it was so many layers deep. My health improved and I broke through a wall in my art that had been frustrating me for years.

Then arrived the Golden Moment…

For 7 years I have been competing in the national photography awards. My best score was a silver distinction. I needed a Gold to become a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. I submitted 4 of the images from the Block and Flow exhibition and to my complete delight I got not one gold but three..and a bronze to boot. My creative rut was demolished. My Mojo was flowing and I was on a complete creative high. Oh and I had lost about 13 Kgs as my stress dropped.


But honestly…What the fark is a chakra? When I start to explain my study of chakras I tend to get a rainbow of expressions on peoples faces from straight up skepticism, to polite smiles, all the way to nodding agreement.

The exhibition I am creating is called Block and Flow. It takes you on a journey through the archetypes of your chakras. Because sometimes life happens and your chakras get blocked. They are like little energetic spinning wheels. If they get stuck shut. No energy comes in. If they get stuck open too much comes out. You want the little buggers spinning…yin, and yang… balanced.



The short answer seems to be traumas and neglect. Birth trauma right through to nasty breakups and various forms of abuse, or even past life karma if you listen to some takes on it. It is the whole as the twig is bent so the tree shall grow idea. If crap happens and isn’t dealt with it seems to take up residence in us and according to the chakra theory it can impact the spinning of the chakras making things manifest in your life and your body until you do face it squarely and deal with it. Basically there are three possible states to a chakra. Blocked Open, Blocked Closed, or balanced. These come with their own archetypes. That is what I am making the exhibition about. This one is about the sacral chakra being blocked open – You numb out in whatever way you can to being present in the moment.

2016 Iris Awards - The Addicts Breakfast


($35.00 per month is the average but go where ever feels right for you)