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#BodyBFF - Body Positive Content

My day to day bread and butter work is running personal Mojo Makeover retreats for women at my streamside cottage studio in New Zealand.   Before that I was a nurse who helped families crank out a baby and then figure out what to do with it once it was out.  Mojo is a bit like that.  Once you finally own it...what do you do with it? (What can you NOT do with it!!!) So now I am a Mojo midwife.

I have learned heaps in my 18 years of working with women professionally.  HEAPS.  And the thing that causes the most number of face palm concussions is women who have forgotten their beauty and shame their poor bodies for not being magazine worthy.  Horse shit.  You are awesome as is right now.  Suspend your disbelief for just a moment.  Drop your email below and let me show you.

What will I find if I open this door?

  • Self respect.
  • Body positive email challenges
  • Body positive quizes
  • Honest commentary from a plus sized happy woman on how to pull that shizza off and still look after your body.

Lunar and Chakral Content

Where practical and woo woo meet and have a super  baby.

If you want to know how I make my art you need to dive in here because this is where my muse has currently parked her brightly coloured gypsy tent.

What is in this section -

  • Poster size 2017 Create by the Moon calendar
  • How to Create using the Rhythm and Power of the Moon PDF
  • Chakra Balance Quizzes (these ask hard questions and are not light fluffy drivel but pragmatic what is really happening with you and what could use a good twerk assessments.  There will be a new one each new moon in 2017 until all 7 are completed)
  • What the Fark is a Chakra content.  PDF's Chakra by Chakra that cover the What and the Why of them getting out of wack...these are also being developed in 2017.
  • Interviews of Artists, Healers, and Environmentalists who joined me for my Block and Flow fundraising Exhibition and spoke about their expertise within the chakras.

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